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17373: HCR: The Atlanta Convention: June 26, 2004 (fwd)

From: HCR Information <hcrinfor@hcronline.org>

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Framework: The Atlanta Convention

THEME:  Linking Haitian Nationals, Haitian
organizations and friends of Haiti
WHEN: Saturday, June 26, 2004
WHERE:  ___________

AIMS: 1. To provide an opportunity to link Haitian
Nationals, Haitian Organizations and Friends of Haiti
and how this can contribute to the strengthening of
the Haitian Diaspora and its contributions to the well
being of the United States.

2. To provide an opportunity for informed voices from
the Diaspora to become better known within the United
States, informing it of issues important to them
regarding the strengthening of their contribution to
the well being of their respective communities and the

3. To provide an opportunity for these informed voices
to reinforce their on-going interest and involvement
in the Haitian Communities in the U.S. and Haiti, and
how this also contributes to the well being of the

4. To provide an opportunity to introduce and
strengthen partnership and collaboration between
leaders from within the Haitian Diaspora and others
with similar interests.

5. To showcase Haiti at its highest level thru the
Humanities and to boost the spirit of Haitian
Nationals while celebrating its 200 years of

6. To renew friendship with our American Friends and
inform the American public of the role our ancestors
played in the independence of this great Nation.
During the siege of Savannah on October 9, 1779,
without the intervention of our ancestors, the outcome
of the war could have been different. Our ancestors
fought fiercely in defending the coalition force.

7. To establish a Link with four Regional Contacts
with each representative living in the North, South,
East, and the West regions of the U.S.

The mistrust that may exist among us is fictional and
it is due mainly to a lack of interaction. If we open
the door of communication and start talking to each
other, we will bring down that barrier. Most of us are
working independently, sometimes on the same project,
and our resources are extremely limited. We end-up
working more and spending more energy for a minimal
result.  The wheel has already been invented. There is
no reason to reinvent it or create another one.

In linking together and not creating something new, we
will show that we can work together while respecting
each otherís territory. This is very important.
Establishing a link in which people feel very secure
is a win-win approach for all of us. One needs to use
diplomacy, and should have good understanding skills
to maintain a bridge that can keep the link afloat.

NB: if you like to attend or to speak at the Atlanta
Convention, Please let us know. Also, you need to
reply with the correct spelling of your name and title
and any organization you may represent. Please send an
email to Alfred at hcrinfor@hcronline.org

NB*** You are responsible for your own transportation
and Logging; if you need a table to display whatever
you are doing, Please let us know.

NB: if you are renting a car to travel to Atlanta or
at the airport you can use this code and you will
receive a discount from Alamo and you are entitled to
one free additional driver anywhere in the in world
and you can use it for your own leisure.
Rate Code: BY; I.D. Number: 706768

While in Atlanta, donít forget to visit the MLK
Center; the Carter Presidential Library, the High
Museum of Arts; Underground and the Stone Mountain
Park donít leave before the laser show. Come and enjoy
the hospitality of the newest capital of the South:
Metro Atlanta.

Again for further details just fire an Email to Alfred
at hcrinfor@hcronline.org

See you in June 2004!

Joseph Alfred, Educator

Haitian Community Relations, Inc
P.O. BOX 334
Smyrna, GA 30081
Tel 770-438-9796
Fax 770-438-9178
Email: hcrinfor@hcronline.org
URL: http://www.hcronline.org