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17389: Leonard: 17364 (fwd) pressed brick

From: Joan Leonard <joanl@merrimack.gis.net>

Wow, seeing the message about the "compressed earth brick" machine sent me
back in time. It is the very machine my husband ordered over 39 years ago
from Metalibec, Ltd., Division Cinva-Ram, in Bucaramanga, Colombia in 1964!
It cost $135 total at the time (that included shipping and believe me, it
weighed a lot). It was shipped to us in Georgetown, Massachusetts, and don't
ask me why he wanted it...he saw an article in the Reader's Digest about it
and was just fascinated with its capabilities. Unfortunately, we never used
it to its full potential. We did build a shed from the concrete blocks that
it made, and it worked perfectly. But where is his brick making machine now?
I think he gave it to his brother who wants to use it to build a house in
Costa Rica!

At any rate, just type in "Cinva-Ram" on the internet and you will find some
material about it!
Not needing to spend money on concrete to make a brick could save a lot of

Joan Leonard