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17415: Arthur: prolonged detention in P-au-P, prolonged detention in Guantanamo. (fwd)

From: Tttnhm@aol.com

Charles Arthur was interested to read the following two extracts from
articles both dated 24 November 2003.

The first is my translation from the French of a press release from the OAS
Mission in Haiti entitled, 'Notes  pour une rencontre avec la presse de David
Lee, Chef de la Mission Spéciale de l’OÉA':

"" The Mission is also very concerned by the appearance of
politically-motivated and unjust treatment by the authorities of certain members of the Group of
184 arrested on 14 November, notably two of them whose detention is being
arbitrarily prolonged. The judicial system must be at the service of the Law of
the country and of nothing else, and that includes the case of the coordinator
of the Group of 184. ""

The second is from a Reuters article, entitled 'U.S. Releases 20 Guantanamo
Prisoners. 20 New Prisoners Take Their Places'.

"" Pierre-Richard Prosper, the U.S ambassador at large for war crimes, was in
Madrid last week to discuss with officials from Spain's interior, justice and
foreign ministries to discuss the case of a Spanish citizen held at
Guantanamo. Prosper confirmed Friday that the man was not among those newly released.
Prosper said discussions with the Spanish government were focused on whether
the Spaniard should remain in Guantanamo or be prosecuted in Spain. He
acknowledged that Madrid had pressured the United States to study the case. Likewise, a
number of other countries have pressed the United States to try or release
suspects, some of whom have been held two years and all of whom are
incommunicado and have not been allowed lawyers. In addition to those released Friday,
Prosper said several dozen others will be sent to their home countries at an
undisclosed time for a lengthy process of investigation, detention and
prosecution. He described them as posing ''a medium-level threat'' to the world. ""

(Arthur notes a Haiti angle in the second extract:  Pierre-Richard Prosper
was born in Denver, Colorado in 1963, the son of two physicians who emigrated
from Haiti.)