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17419: Noss: Re: 17396: Henri: Re: 17394: (Chamberlain) Restaveks (fwd)

From: Haldor Noss <halnoss@halnoss.com>

Greetings Ms. Caroline,
         Thank you for your post re: Restavec children.  Ultimately I
believe that Haiti should become a much wealthier prime tourist location
which would raise the national income level to a point at which all could
survive.  Short of that, I feel that the best we can do is to help as many
as we can any way we can.  I do my best work with photographs (and
sometimes words).
         You may be interested in photographs of one Restavec Education
project can be seen at
http://www.halnoss.com/HNGalleries/Images_Haiti/Restavec_intro.htm , click
arrows to move through 8 pages of images.  Note links to basic information
about the project (project contact information may not be accurate anymore,
if you try to reach them and cannot please let me know so I can try to help).
         The same program working with rural children in extreme risk of
becoming restavec:
         Thank you for what you are able to do in Haiti.

Very sincerely,
Hal Noss
distinct photography world wide