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17425: Racine125@aol.com - A Strange Event in Jacmel (fwd)

From: Racine125@aol.com

A most bizarre event has taken place here in Jacmel!  I have to give you some background, though.

Some of you may recall that I described, some time ago, an attack by thieves against the "meres" of a Catholic church in Les Orangiers, a community on the outskirts of Jacmel.  It seems that one of the thieves, callled Jean-Marie, had a pregnant girlfriend who was being cared for in some way by the meres, so he got to know the layout of the place.  He and another fellow called L'Ombrage, already notorious in his own right, apparently went and robbed and beat and even sexually assaulted the meres.

They went to prison, they've been there for about a year, I think.  But rumor has it that L'Ombrage paid his way out for $4000 Haitian, and anyway he was out on the street a few days ago, although Jean-Marie remains in the prison.

Okay, that's the background.  Two days ago, a private car came from Meyer going toward Jacmel at an excessive speed, and the driver managed to hit another vehicle, which he sent spinning, then slam into a man on a motorcycle, then hit another car, then hit yet another car, before ending up practically climbing up the side of a metal gate.

Not a soul was injured, except for the man on the motorcycle - L'Ombrage!  He was killed deader than Old King Tut.

Well!  You can imagine what talking this has caused in town!  The common consensus is, "Me yo priye sou li", the meres prayed on him.  Jean-Marie is said to be convinced that he also will die as soon as he leaves the prison.

Peace and love,

Mambo Racine