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17428: Lucien: Compressed Earth Brick: Report (fwd)

From: "Lucien, Patrick" <patrick_lucien@mentorg.com>

I quickly researched the Compressed Earth Brick machine and found out some
machines if anyone is interesed. The first Machine called the Green Machine
is expensive (around $40k) But I know of one organization willing to cover
half of the cost if other organizations are willing to work together to buy
it. The organization is building a school in a small town in Haiti. The
machine can be used in turn by other organizations. see link below
Block production rate is 4 per minute or about 180 per hour and 1,920 per 8
hour day.
There is also a less expensive machine in India
and one organization in Haiti has purchased on from Belgium and working in
Most machines makes an average of 4 to 3 blocks per minutes. The manual ones
are labor intensive. Bricks are made from dirt, clay, et small percentage of
cement, but of course a good study of the soil is necessary.
if between 3 and 6 brick machines were available to begin work in a
community the work could begin at one end and work forward encompassing the
entire community. The
material scraped from each families property would be sufficient to build
new homes, storage buildings and other ideas the individual families might
find beneficial. As the work proceeded sidewalks and, possibly, roads could
be constructed in front of the homes until finally at the end of the project
the finished community would be complete with new homes, out buildings,
roads and sidewalks. The labor would be supplied by able people in the
community reaching out to one another in a gesture of love and hope

Any thought anyone, if you are interested to work with this organization
willing to purchase the machine, please let us know