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17431: loveayiti: Grand Theft Auto and Haitians (fwd)

From: love haiti <loveayiti@hotmail.com>

I agree that GTA Vice City is offensive to Haitians. I also think it both
GTA City City and the eariler version GTA, is offensive to just about
everyone including Italians, Cubans, Jamaicans, Hispanic and Women.

It promotes violence and negative stereotypes. I may even write the letter
to express my dismay. My only thought is Haiti  and Haitians are dealing
with so many "major" problems now on the eve of our 200th anniversary our
collective energy would be better served trying to pressure to US gov to do
right by Haiti. The country is falling into another dictatorship, human
rights are being violated, the economy is a mess, we receive little aid from
the Int'l Community. Overall we are worst off than we were 50 years ago.
This actually breaks my heart. This game actually appeared over 1 year ago
and the original version likely 3 to 5 years ago. Everybody has criticized
the game and the company has used that to promote the game and make more
money. Please don't take offense but  I'm happy Haitians are working
together, like we did for the AIDS/HIV sterertype but it seems like we are
jumping on the bandwagon a little late and probably have better things to
worry about.

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