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17447: Labrom: HAITIANS VS BLANCS (fwd)

from Jacqui Labrom voyageslumiere@haitelonline.com

Its not a case of banning 'Blancs' or banning Haitians, why can't we ALL
just think of the good of the country, and not of prop tet nou!!!  If
everyone from the President down, through the Cabinet members, through the
business leaders, through the elite, middle class, foreigners, American &
other foreign govts.NGO's, Charities, Missions, and even the peasants - all
thought seriously about what we do - whether its good for the country and
not whether 'I can make a buck out of it', or for our own personal agendas -
particularly the foreign governments, then maybe Haiti can be reborn!!!

I couldn't believe it one time when I heard about one of the Govt. Ministers
who was very ineffectual, and the reason given was because that person
didn't find a way to make money personally out of their Ministry!!! Excuse
me - has one never heard of PUBLIC SERVICE!!! Oh maybe I'm just naive!!!.

Jacqui Labrom


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