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17453; Gomez: Populations of Haitians in U.S.

From: Willem S.A.Da Costa Gomez <datasoft@caribseek.com>

 am doing some research to establish the number of Caribbeans and their
that live in U.S.

I writing you to get an opinion about some data on Haitians in America.

According to Censuses, there were these number of Haitians and
Haitian-Americans in
the U.S.:

- 1990: 280,874
- 2000: 545,558

According to some other studies, the number were:

- 1990: 1,128,798 [ http://www.haiti-usa.org/modern/HAFED.pdf ]
- 2000: 2,087,420
ide0019.htm ] (number 7)

These links can be found on http://www.haiti-usa.org.

Overall, it is believed that there is significant undercount in the case
Caribbeans. I have seen corrections for Cuba, Dom. Republic and Puerto
However, in those cases the gap was not that big.

I thank you in advance for your help.

Sunny Regards,

Willem S.A. Da Costa Gomez