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17456: Breguet: Boyer agrees to French "indemnity"

From: martin breguet <breguetmartin@hotmail.com>

I quote one of Bob Corbett's page :

"This left the biggest nut for Boyer to crack in his search for security --
France. Boyer and all of Haiti lived on the edge, dreading and fearing the
return of the French, their colonial rule and slavery. Boyer wanted to get the
French threat off Haiti's back forever and to formally join the company of
nations of the world. He sued for recognition from France. After many years of
on and off again negotiations, Boyer finally agreed to an outrageous French
proposal. Haiti would pay: 150 million francs within 5 years. Actually by the
time it came down to this point in the negotiations Haiti had little choice.
This "offer" was given with 14 French warships in Port-au-Prince harbor,
supported by nearly 500 guns. It was clear to Boyer that were he not to concede
to this "indemnity" that France would immediately re-open hostilities. There
was no realistic way for him to defend against this force. He signed on July
11, 1825 and France recognized the existence of Haiti."

Well, that's about it... Boyer might have felt a tremendous pressure from the
warships, but he still agreed, the nation paid, and they had what they paid for
: recognition.

All right, they tricked him. But on which ground does the actual haitian gvt
ask for "money back" ? If it was so easy, then everybody would ask for "money
back" too ! President Boyer signed, he was the acting head of state, it's a
done deal, even if (me or you) one doesn't agree with the ethics behind it.

Maybe Jacques Chirac should ask Georges W. Bush for Lousiana. He should tell
him that Napoleon sold it for way too cheap, it's not fair, please give it back
! That's right, restitute Louisiana to France !!! Napoleon was pressured, it
wasn't fair, the US has the moral right to restitute Lousiana to France !