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17474: Fenkel: Jean Dominique Documentary to screen at Bicentennial Celebrations

From: David Fenkel <dfenkel@thinkfilmcompany.com>

Hi All,

I'm writing from a New York-based independent film distributor name
THINKFilm.  We are the proud distributor of Jonathan Demme's
documentary, THE AGRONOMIST, which honors Jean Dominique and Radio Haiti.
The film will open in theaters on April 16th.

Because Jean's legacy is such an important symbol in the Haitian
community, we would be very interested in participating in the upcoming
Haiti celebrations by providing a screening of the film.  A free screening
in Pittsburgh is already scheduled.  We would like to do this across the
country.   Unfortunately I can not locate the appropriate people with whom
to organize this.

Please let me know if you'd like to participate or if you know who I
should speak with.


David Fenkel


155 Avenue of the Americas

7th Floor

New York, NY  10013

p: 646 293-9405

f: 646 293-9407