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17476: Schuller re: Lavalas "livre blanche" (fwd)

From: Mark Schuller <marky@umail.ucsb.edu>

Hello all,

In the Nouvelliste story about Sen. Prince Pierre Sonson's book and Sen. Dany
Toussaint's interview, they made a mention of the Fanmi Lavalas's "blanche
livre" - the party platform.

I have scoured my sources - old copies of Haiti Progres, etc. - and did an
albeit incomplete internet search for it.  I couldn't find it.  Sorry to admit
that i was unsuccessful.

I was also thinking it would be good to share this information with the Corbett
list, since information about the 184's "nouvelle contract sociale" was shared
(and several points seemed remarkably similar to the Lavalas platform).

Mesi devans.

Kenbe la,


Mark  :0

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