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17487: Du Tuyau: re; The Empress (fwd)

From: ViandeMoulue@aol.com

Good morning, Missers Hermantin.

I read your request with great attention. I have answer (NOT!) for you. I hope you no mind my answering historically inacurrate to you.

If you remember movie in Haiti long, long time ago in the past, Sissi L'Impératrice, you can tell for dressing how Missers Adelaide dressing as l'Impératrice. Okay, okay... maybe you no remembering but, ... but. I give you little hinting for hint.

You remember scene where Emperor say to Sissi, dressed like Empress, something in nice French like "Ma..Sissi...cherie"? You remember? Maybe no but this is not how Adelaide dressing up like Empress. She had long dress, nice hat of good textile (no 70's polyester), et coetera. That what is was not, when I little digging for information for you. I still looking too so maybe other people helping.

But I hope that you get answering good a little better. Soulouque was fun Emperor with lots of little "Tricky Dick" to get people going do his thing without paying them. So, I hope his wife's nickname was not Sissi. If it were what it was, then all the citizens in the Court used to said to be nice to the emperor "Ma...Sissi".

Best of the better to you,
Du Tuyau