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17493: Collie: RE: 17488: Kathleen: Re: 17487: (Senou) Outrage over game urgi ng Haitian, Cuban killing (fwd)

From: "Collie, Tim" <TCollie@sun-sentinel.com>

I find the debate over this game a bit puzzling. It's been out for over a
year, and if you know anything about game or youth culture, is a bit "over"
now among its target audience, young males. I noted about six months ago
that it was being widely sold in video shops in Petionville. Wasn't anybody
paying attention during the publicity campaign that was promoting  it? (As a
sidenote, it would be interesting to measure sales in Miami--the game
clearly identifies Liberty City and other Miami communities--as well as its
presence in the homes of many of the leaders and communities now outraged. I
suspect that many will find it in their childrens' stack of games.)
Finally, as was mentioned in a previous post, the movie Bad Boys II offered
a scathing depiction of "Haitian" drug gangs. Last Sunday night, the Fox
comedy Arrested Development had a small bit in which a white male character
is negotiating to join a Haitian gang in prison. Given that the show is set
in southern California, I found it a bit curious that it would be singling
out Haitians as a gang in West coast prisons.

Tim Collie