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17495: lyall on usa reparations (fwd)

From: j.daudi <wastemaster@lyalls.net>

[Corbett notes:  I will accept this note even though it isn't about Haiti
since it is in direct reply to a post that was on Haiti.  However, any
wishing to discuss this issue, please write directly to j.daudi.  His
address is above this note.]

 Actually the USA was required to pay reparations to Britain.
the treaty of Paris which ended the war the us government was to pay for
land confiscated from loyal citizens of the king who were driven from
their homes by the 'patriots'. In Britain those 'patriots' were
called terrorists.
Britain refused to remove their forces from the western border for
years, protecting the indian nations from the depredations of the
colonists. John Adams and Jefferson waged ineffectual diplomacy for
years to try to get british troops removed from the Ohio valley. The
British replied "when will you pay reparations?"

So, the usa's founding treaty was never intended to be honored by the
usa. And never was. Those unpaid reparations probably amount to
thousands of trillions of pounds sterling by now.

Oh, in Britain they teach that they won the war of 1812. Which they
did. Americans lie about it to themselves.

>No one "forced" Haiti to pay that amount of money to France.
>France asked for it and Haiti was dumb enough to accept ! I am sure if England
>would have asked the USA to pay a big amount of money, the americans
>would have
>just laughed in their face and told them :"F#ck off !!! We won the
>war, we won't pay a dime!!!"

J.David Lyall, or
     Jedidiah Daudi