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17508: Lyall on GTA: Vice City (fwd)

From: j.daudi <wastemaster@lyalls.net>

I have copies of both Grand Theft Auto II and GTA: Vice CIty.

All the haitians here who have seen the games think that they are
tremendously Kul.
I haven't seen the 'kill the haitians' assignment yet, but I've been
to striking worksites
and started riots among my brothers in arms of the working class.
that didn't bother me, its a game.

I've taken assignments in GTA: Vice City to wack out some columbians.
Everyone knows
that Columbian drug dealers are totally wacko. Hasn't everyone seen Scarface?
And cubans! Don't get me started  on the cubans!

It is a controversial video game series. Has been for years. I spend
my money on it.
I also spend money on tobacco, rhum and marijuana. I like them.

>MIAMI, Florida (Reuters) -- Miami's Haitian and Cuban
>communities are up in arms over a top-selling computer
>game that exhorts players to "kill the Haitians" and
>"kill the Cubans."

J.David Lyall, or
     Jedidiah Daudi