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17515: Du Tuyau: Good trip, Happy New Year (fwd)

From: ViandeMoulue@aol.com

Dear Mister Bob, and all everybody,

I pray God for you all for you people:
friends Haiti,
Haitians Haiti,
Haitians Disapora,
Haitians everywhere with poverty and wealthy-ness.

This is 200 years next month less than one month. I serious. As I writing, I feel like crying but I have reputation very bad from girlfriend that I iceberg. So this is no never easy for me wishing Haiti "Happy New Year".

I hope that Haiti will become what it ought to be: a land of hope for humanity. I hope so... I sure do. We are a quilt, but we still think that we are the Balkans. But the Balkans are becoming a quilt more and more. Life is not simple, politicans moun fou. All of you, and all of me.

I hope the next 200 years will be for Haiti, the two centuries of moderation. We all like for politicking to always be right, never wrong. But life itself dictates that sometimes, we are wrong, and sometimes, we are right. No politician or Pastor or Minister or Houngan or Bókó or Mambo is always right. Maybe the ladies always are when it comes to me, ... but that's a whole other story. he he he

I hope to those who have the courage to be moderate, to keep their strength and not let go. We, Haitians and Haitian-friends, are maddeningly madly in love with EXTREME. We call everybody chimere, but we can't see the chimere in us, government workers like private citizens like OP guys like foreign embassies like pro gouvernment or pro opposition human rights groups. We are all, freaking chimeres.

We must all first start by saying, that we are collectively guilty. Once we can, once we do this little very small mea culpa, once we learn to forget that we are the tableau that can be viewed from so many different angles, then we will begin to move ahead as a people, a nation with hope.

To all the chimere like myself who want to be a moderate chimere not an extreme chimere, may God keep on guiding you all so that Haiti can accomplish its mission towards its people and humanity: the lightning rod for human equality.

May all the Africanos and Africano-phobics and Europeanos and Europeanos-phobics and everybody wish Mister Bob Corbett Happy New Year for giving us all a forum to vent our frustration.

Bob, go enjoy your Camembert in France, after having enjoyed your Joan Strauss concerts in Vienna.