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17517: Wilcken: Makandal in Philadephia (fwd)

From: Lois E Wilcken <makandal-ny@juno.com>

Unless the snow turns into a blizzard, Makandal will play tomorrow,
Saturday, in Philadelphia.  The venue is the Painted Bride Art Center on
230 Vine Street.  At 1:00 pm Frisner Augustin and Smith Destin will
conduct a participatory drum and dance workshop.  The full troupe will
perform sacred drumming, song, and dance at 8:00 pm.

Information:  215-925-9914; www.paintedbride.org (website includes

Lois Wilcken, Ph.D.
La Troupe Makandal - New York City's Center for Haitian Drum and Dance
621 Rutland Road, Brooklyn NY 11203
718-953-6638 / makandal-ny@juno.com