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17541: Dorcilien: Clashes Reported in Haiti Between Aristide's Supporters, Opposition Demonstrators (fwd)

From: Nod Dorcilien <ndorcilien@yahoo.com>

Americas Clashes Reported in Haiti Between Aristide's
Supporters, Opposition Demonstrators
VOA News
06 Dec 2003, 01:53 UTC

Rampaging supporters of Haitian President
Jean-Bertrand Aristide have clashed with a crowd of
opposition demonstrators in Port-au-Prince.
At least 12 people were injured Friday as Aristide
supporters and demonstrating students hurled rocks and
other objects at each other. Journalists on the scene
tell the Associated Press one Aristide supporter and
five students were shot.

The violence began when students gathered at the
National University of Haiti to call for President
Aristide's resignation. About 300 students had planned
to march from the school.

Rock throwing erupted when the students were
confronted by the Aristide supporters. The students
tried to retreat into the university.

Police fired warning shots but reports say they did
not intervene when Aristide supporters broke through a
wall and stormed the school, beating up the students
and two university officials. Two university buildings
were ransacked.

Some information for this report provided by AP and

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