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Corbett back home -- beginning the LONG LONG process of catch up.


I am FINALLY back home.  It is now 3 PM in St. Louis on Jan. 6th.  I left
my hotel in Vienna at 8 AM on Jan. 5th.   It was a slippery, slidey ride
to the airport in about 6 - 8 inches of snow.  I borded just 10 minutes
late at 11:50 AM and then sat for more than 3 hours on the runway while
the snow fell and our captain patiently waited safe conditions.

This, of course, got me to London long after my connecting flight had left
for Chicago, so they sent me to New York's JFK FINALLY, arriving there at
about 11 PM last night.  No flights headed to St. Louis, so at 2 AM I
eventually took a cab to LaGuadia and flew home to St. Louis this morning.

I arrived home to find my computer NOT WORKING.  Ah, what a joy.  After
some hour or more on the phone with an extremely helpful young man, I am
now up and running.

I quit sending you messages on December 5th and I will pick up there and
begin the DELUGE.  Here they come, oh my oh my you are in for a ton on
mail.  I'll do a bunch today to give you something to read and get us
rolling, then I've got to get some sleep.  It's been nearly 48 hours since
I've slept anything more than a few minutes here or there.

Tomorrow I will finish the job and get back to daily e-mails, relatively

Sorry for the long disruption in the list, but I really needed the break
and had a simply STUNNING visit back to my beloved Vienna, with a week's
side visit to Paris, always a fun side trip!  I even think I am going to
come out of retirement to go back to the university in Vienna to teach
again next year.  I just miss Vienna too much!!!!

Now, back to Haiti work and discussion / news and inquiry!!!!

Best wishes to all for 2004 and a belated congratulations to Haiti and the
Haitian people on 200 years of independence.

Bob Corbett