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17548: Bell: Music question (fwd)

From: madison bell <mbell@goucher.edu>

I'm trying to verify artist and title on a tape I bought in the Port au
Prince airport years ago.

The cassette is labeled WAWA & RACINE KONGO Volume 1 and has six songs on it:

3 chen
pa gen zanmi
wawa kourage
Priye Ginen
am lan me
kwa malere

Yes it's a bootleg but i would gladly buy legit copies or indeed just send
the musicians money for all this tape has meant to me....

I thought when I bought it that the group was called WAWA but I'm beginning
to doubt that... I was looking for music by Azor at the time.  (and I do
think he sings on some of the tracks)

any info much appreciated, mesi davans....

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