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17763: Du Tuyau: Happy Year (fwd)

From: ViandeMoulue@aol.com

All you people, Happy New Year. Welcome very good back, Mister Corbett. We missing for you. We happy you HERE!! We sing for you "to-lo-lo" song in back country Haiti next year for Christmas!!!

I mad as hell because too many friendhips sending for me emails for conviction change, like Aristide sould not finish his remaining 755 days as of today, in the National Palace as president. So they think I moun fou for real?

Well, yes, I am but, ... but. To all of you my friendhip friends, I read the news too in the newspaper, in the websites, in the journals everywhere. You no have to send this to me because I read already and you are not going to convince me otherwise. We all might as well learn to freaking respect law and order, after two centuries of partying on top of the poor's head.

That's right baby, you guys just want to revert the clock back to the stupidities and aberrations of the past two centuries. That's your expertise. I ain't buying it, as I never did, nor will I, ever. (Du Tuyau sweating as he writing that is how mad Du Tuyau is; so people, please smile 'cause I mad).

(PS), To those who think I am really moun fou, go back to mid-19th century on Haiti's history, and you'll see the repeat, and the potential fiasco for Haiti if those guys succeed in their aberrant sh...t! I ain't buying it!!!! I  can  see  right  through  IT!!

You may succeed but I will keep on telling you all vocally, that you are freaking WRONG!!! I don't care who the hell you are. You, are, WRONG!!! And may God the all-mighty give the Haitian people a chance this time to craft their future.

Okay, okay I mad. No, I am fuming for real!! This is not way to start new year. But I think you should read Post 17627, by Mister Kevin Pina publication by Dominique Esser. I no agree with everything he say but I think on the largely large point, he got it right on some very, very key issues. So, read to yourself for you.

But, please, my beautiful friends Corbettians, I beg you, I am from Haiti. I know "Lamayót" when I see one with mask. That why is why when I child I used to sing from 1st Sunday January after Christmas song, for Carnaval debut, "Lamayót mwen pa-p pè-w se moun ou ye" (Lamayót-Masked man I no afraid of you I know exactly who you are).

So please friends, no get mad but please, I no need to read those guys to know what those journalists have to say. After all, opposition shot on M'Beki's helicopter right? WRONG. Lies, lies, lies!!!!! Liars for a new year.

Plus ça change. How sad!!!