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17769: Vishnusurf: Re: 17558: (Hermantin)Sun-Sentinel-300 Haitians rally against Aristide

From: VISHNUSURF@aol.com

"The Devil..." ?!?!?
I really don't get it at all... Haitians elected this man... TWICE, and
overwhelmingly at that.  and now he is "The Devil"?!?!?  this sounds like
evangelical theodicy concerning Boukman's pact with the Devil at bwa
that is why haiti is so kraze, wi?
doesn't faith in democracy entail patience with those whom the people
if they turn out to be devils, well, then vote them out at the end of
terms and move on with life... or be stupid and reelect them... like USA
with Ronald Reagan.
increasingly it seems that the bottom line is that democracy is a
chimera... no
pun intended...