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17771: Du Tuyau: Robots or Humans (1) (fwd)

From: ViandeMoulue@aol.com

Dear all,

Some of you may no very happy or happy at all that I disagree with one more overthrow for gouvernement Haitian. After all, today Aristide has 754 days left in power. That's the count down. Afterwards, he can no never come back according to Constitution 1987. The best way would be to take those days and better preparation so opposition can win election.

I can see many of you saying: "well, people are dying, hunger, sadness, everything bad". I understand in my heart and my chicken brain. I also know that people have been dying for long, long time same way. So, why can't opposition cannot explanation better to win election and get us all out of the so-called "Lavalas mess"?

We can not be robots. We are people human beings. So we have to look a little back to see how we are trying robotic politik once more, that causation was for Occupation 1915 in the first place and the spiraling downward since then of everything that was already going down.

I check website-internet because I had knowledge that somewhere, I could find information available readily. I did and I found this website interesting. They are roughly accurate on the date. If you click on link this one, http://www.worldstatesmen.org/Haiti.htm, you'll see that everything now was tried same way before. It gets to confusing-ness at certain point. President come, go, even come back again, fight for power, etc. Then boum!!! American Occupation 19 years because we fighting so much we promise good revolution and then revolution turn into making money every time, every single time. That why is why I so scared of revolution Haitian. Every time I hear that word Haitian pronounce, I make sure I have my wallet in my back pocket because I've seen it all before and I sispk-suspicious some vl is unaccounted for in the revolutionary group.

I give you some example and based on your own judgement individual, you will see why I so afraid of these "revolution propositions". I sent other email to show you what I read me, myself, and I and I startled afterwards.