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17776: Reid - Abduction in Haiti (fwd)

From: Ralph Reid <rafreid@yahoo.com>

The following is a short e-mail my wife Marjorie wrote about
our recent ordeal in Haiti. We are in the middle of writing
a more detailed version of what exactly happened. I will
forward to you shortly.


Ralph --

My husband and I traveled to Haiti on Saturday, December 27th, from
Miami. We arrived in Port-au-Prince at approximately 3:30 PM. Within 45
minutes of our arrival, as we were making our way towards home but were
still very close to the airport, we were car-jacked and abducted at
gunpoint. A relative, who had come to pick us up, was forced to make a
detour into a side street, where a second armed individual was waiting.
The three of us were forced into the backseat, guns pointed at us at
all times. We were, among other things, accused of being part of the
opposition, and of coming into the country to disrupt the Presidential
celebrations of January first. The thugs claimed at various times to
have been sent to get us by Titid, the president himself, and to be
members of the police. They made and received numerous mobile phone
calls throughout the abduction.
They drove us into a field in place called "Tit Anyen" where a third
armed thug was waiting. "Tit Anyen" has, for many years, been the place
where the bodies of political prisonners and crime victims alike are
dumped and left to be eaten by animals. We were robbed and subjected to
unspeakable humiliations, but miraculously, we survived.

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