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17781: Intervision2000: FW: Haitians get UNITED !! Wash, DC march?

From: InterVision2000 <info@intervision2000.com>
From: Marline Alexis [mailto:marlinealexis@yahoo.com]

Dear all,

If there is a MARCH organized in DC, would those of
you who live in the Washington DC metropolitan area be
willing to attend?

Some interested Haitan-Americans, Haitians and
Americans are interested in organizing one.  The
march would be to protest the beatings of Haitian
students in Haiti as well as others who demonstrate
each day in Haiti against the tyranny of the

Please let me have your views about the possibility
of you joining us as a collective body at this
potential march.

We want to make sure that there would be at least 300
people there, otherwise, it wouldn't be worth it, and
the message wouldn't get across to the "media" nor the
US Government.

I would appreciate some feedback and would you kindly
forward the information to your fellow Haitians or
Friends of Haiti, and let me know if you will be able
to help out in this potential event.

I take this opportunity to wish you and your family a
healthy and successful New Year!


"Life is too good to waste a day. It's up to you to
make it sweet." Sarah Louise Delany