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17832: Laleau: Haiti's wake up call

From: NLaleau@aol.com

Haiti didn't have a revolution while you were
gone, but
it may have sounded a wake-up call. As there doesn't seem to be anybody
than JBA in line to replace him, maybe the Haitian people are doing what I
advise spouses in a horribly dysfunctional marriages to do--at least be
and willing to separate, and let the spouse know it. If you aren't, you
got a chance in hell of his/her changing. Sounds like a lot of Haitians
are at
least ready and willing to split even if they are stepping into the abyss.
was once pretty decent--maybe he has it in him to at least try to fulfill
promises. Too bad there's no 12-step or AA-type program for dysfunctional
presidents. That would indeed be a first.--nancy laleau