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17838: Uttley: Re: 17835: Otello365: Aristide's wife

From: Jim & Jan Uttley <juttley5@mts.net>

To answer your question, maybe someone should ask Mrs. Bill Clinton's wife
Hillary.  Clinton would love more than anything else to become U.S.
again.  He can't so Hillary will eventually run in his place and he would
the "power behind the puppet."

I think that's what President Aristide has in mind even if he lasts until
end of his term.  He wants to continue the relationship he had with
Rene Preval--once again ::"power behind the puppet."

Anyway, I would think she would have to give up her American citizenship
become Haiti's president or hold any official political office.  This
would be
an American requirement, not a Haitian one.

Jim Uttley Jr