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17839: HCR: The Atlanta Convention at Auburn Avenue Research Library: June 25-26: You are invited (fwd)

From: HCR Information <hcrinfor@hcronline.org>

The Atlanta Convention

THEME:  Linking Haitian Nationals, Haitian
organizations and friends of Haiti

WHEN:  June 25 - 26, 2004

WHERE:  The Auburn Avenue Research Library on
African-American Culture      and History. A Special
Library of the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System
*** 101 Auburn Avenue, N.E., Atlanta, Georgia 30303

PARTNER: The Auburn Avenue Research Library on
African-American Culture and History. NB: The library
provides the local, will advertise the Event, and will
provide all the required materials for the conferences
such as MIC, leaflet and so on

SPONSOR ( if you are interested in sponsoring this
Event, please let us Know by January 23, 2004 and send
your contribution by February 7, 2004 to Haitian
Community Relations, Inc ; P.O. BOX 334, Smyrna, GA
30081 NB: Atlanta Convention  hcrinfor@hcronline.org

AIMS: 1. To provide an opportunity to link Haitian
Nationals, Haitian Organizations and Friends of Haiti
and how this can contribute to the strengthening of
the Haitian Diaspora and its contributions to the well
being of the United States.

2. To provide an opportunity for informed voices from
the Diaspora to become better known within the United
States, informing it of issues important to them
regarding the strengthening of their contribution to
the well being of their respective communities and the

3. To provide an opportunity for these informed voices
to reinforce their on-going interest and involvement
in the Haitian Communities in the U.S. and Haiti, and
how this also contributes to the well being of the

4. To provide an opportunity to introduce and
strengthen partnership and collaboration between
leaders from within the Haitian Diaspora and others
with similar interests.

5. To showcase Haiti at its highest level thru the
Humanities and to boost the spirit of Haitian
Nationals while celebrating its 200 years of

6. To renew friendship with our American Friends and
inform the American public of the role our ancestors
played in the independence of this great Nation.
During the siege of Savannah on October 9, 1779,
without the intervention of our ancestors, the outcome
of the war could have been different. Our ancestors
fought fiercely in defending the coalition force.

7. To establish a Link among Haitian Nationals,
Haitian Organizations and Friends of Haiti

NB: You are responsible for your own transportation
and Logging.  Interested to attend or to Speak, Please
send an Email to Alfred at hcrinfor@hcronline.org

Interested to attend, Please reply with the correct
spelling of your name in order to have your ID badge
ready by January 31, 2004. The Event is free and open
to all. Refreshment will be serves,and may be some
goodies and a small cultural activity, if you want to
help in that regard, please let us know.

Attendees: We are making provisions for XXXXXX people
to attend the Convention. Among these people will be
individuals representing government organizations,
think tanks, academic institutions and other
organizations in the Atlanta metropolitan area who are
working on Haiti issues. There will also be a number
of professionally active Haitian-Americans, American,
Caribbean, African and others from this area, along
with any individuals you have invited or asked us to
invite. Also, we expect various local organizations
representing a number of cities in the U.S. Attendance
is open to the public.

Presentations: Each presentation should address the
theme of that particular panel, be it Leadership;
Advocacy; Haitian contribution; assistance to Haitian
communities and Haiti; The LINK among Haitian
nationals, Haitians Organizations and Friends of
Haiti; Role of Religions in Haitian Life (Christianity
and Voodoo) and Haitian Arts. Please draw from your
own professional experience to discuss the theme,
highlighting context, challenges, achievements, and
lessons learned. By the day’s end, we will have
catalogued a remarkable story of the Convention – and
the importance of creating a Link among various
Haitian nationals, Haitian Organizations and friends
of Haiti, along with some of the opportunities that
can translate to a better Haitian Community in the

Joseph Alfred, Educator

Haitian Community Relations, Inc
P.O. BOX 334
Smyrna, GA 30081
Tel 770-438-9796
Fax 770-438-9178
Email: hcrinfor@hcronline.org
URL: http://www.hcronline.org