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17868: Louissant: RE: 17965: Lonbrit: RE: 17835: Re: 17553: Lemieux: Reuters: Stop paying taxes Haiti opposition urges (fwd)

From: P Louissaint <totalcapital@email.com>

I must say to Both NLaleau and to Lonbrit that the situation is too complicated
to be approached pragmatically.

While many wealthy Haitians may not pay taxes properly, one must admit that the
problem is with the high level of corruption of the Haitian administration.
There is no difference between a haitian an and American taxpayer. The
difference is that the "DGI" (Haitian IRS) is historically run by corrupted
individuals - from top to bottom.

Haiti will know better days when proper structures will be put in place and
when "who you know" will not make any difference.

The rethoric that if one is not living in Haiti he or she does not have the
right to talk about the situation shows the mentality and the shortsightedness
of many Haitians of all walks of life. I am Haitian and have elected to leave
that mess because I have the right to do so. If you want to "ban" me from even
talking about Haitian issues, that's fine with me. However, keep your "SOS to
the Haitian diaspora" for you. Otherwise, if you want to see my money, you will
have to hear what I have to say.

The Haitian diaspora is full of smart and/or very hardworking people who care
about their country. (NB: Neptune is an exception to that rule). The way out
for Haiti is to be able to capitalize on that entity.



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