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17872: Vishnusurf: Re: 17854: Uttley: Re: 17841: Karshan: Press conference

From: VISHNUSURF@aol.com

Why should he not go? Does not the Summit concern all of the Americas,
including Haiti? Is he not the Haitian president? Should Haiti not pursue
productive trade agreements with other developing nations in the
Are you really surprised, Mr. Uttley?
A "talking to"?!?!?! By whom, Chavez? Colin Granderson?  Vicente Fox?
problems you may have with Aristide, do you not think, Mr. Uttley, that if
care about Haiti, which I am assuming that you do, then you should hope
for his
Look, I have been one to criticize Aristide on this list from time to
time, but
I must cry foul at the irrational demonization of the man whom so many
still strongly support.  I cannot begin to tell you some of the rumours
fabricated by the bourgeoisie over the years about how he is a cannibal
what not.  Viscious lies, i suspect, much like the CIA's attempt to
the man's character.  You, for one, seem to be buying in to all of this...
suggest a critical objectivity in reading about Aristide especially.