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17877: Uttley: What I meant to write

From: Jim & Jan Uttley <juttley5@mts.net>

In answer to my comments about President Aristide's  decision to go to
was not that I didn't think he should be there or that Haiti did not
deserve to
be among the other nations of the Americas, but rather I was surprised
that he
left considering the turmoil in Haiti right now and the instability.
His going, especially at this time, makes him (correct me if I'm wrong)
first Haitian president to travel abroad since President Magloire who
to the Eisenhower White House in the 50s.  I was living in Haiti at the
I know President Aristide has travelled abroad before, but it would seem
perilous to his future that he can leave and not be overthrown in a coup

 do stand by my comments that I hope other Summit leaders give him a
to" about the mess in his country and his need to compromise, negotiate
bring this crisis to an end.  I would hope the Summit leaders would talk
to any leader who is supporting the abuse of human rights and not
upholding the
constitution of his country.