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17890: Sainno: Clear misinterpretation of the Haitian political dilemma by Mr. Ottey from Miami (fwd)

From: Fabina Sainno <fabinas@hotmail.com>

Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2004 7:33 PM

Dear Mr. Ottey,

My name is  Nancy Roc and I'm very well known in my country and
as a political journalist in Haiti where all the journalists  from
across the world get in touch with me to be informed on  the
in my country. It is unfortunate  that I haven't heard from you yet
even though I've read all  your articles dodging the issue of the
of  the Haitian people. It is really unfortunate for the Miami Herald
which is a respected and influential  newspaper.

Indeed, in your most recent article, ''supporters  swan to
you write that ''hundred of  thousands of jubilant Haitians (...)
celebrated their nation's  bicentennial and embraced their embattled
president's vision of  an improved and united Haiti''

As a journalist with a 19  years old carrier here, allow me to tell
that  you appear to be misinformed...or choose to be. Indeed you
should have written that these Haitians were his supporters  most of
them well paid to be there. In addition, which vision  has Aristide
had for this country except transforming it into a  narco country,
divided, full of thugs ( official or poor misled  and used,
manipulated souls), where most journalists like me ,  who used to
support this regime 10 years ago, now have to get  security guards
sometimes hide because of life  threats? Like the last one, found on
list next  to cut off human heads on the street with my name on it ?
Or  the vision of burning all independent radios which are already
struggling to survive on a daily basis ?

You  also wrote that '' the president appearance (..) whipped an
already excited crowd into a frenzy, causing a fence to topple  and a
platform to break". I'm really wondering if you were  there, for when
this happened it was not because of the  President's appearance but
because his supporters in the Palace  court were distributing food, t-
shirts and caps and the  supporters outside started to battle for
them. As for the rest  of the article it shows the side that you're
defending. It is  indeed strange that you didn't mention the
of people who came out to ask for the President's resignation  and
were repressed by the police, the  thousands others that came out in
the countryside, the 7 to 10  people who were killed on that day
because of violence from the  police and Aristide's supporters
attacks, the fact that  Aristide had almost to flee Gonaives and the
rest of empty  streets which showed the indifference of the majority
to the  ceremony of a Bicentennial which was confiscated from the
Haitian people. Indeed, you write that '' while there have been  many
anti-Aristide protests, there have also been an equal  number of pro-
Aristide rallies''. That is TOTALLY false and you  know it or your
misinformed...or choose to be once again. In  addition, you didn't
mention the prison escape that took place  and that was obviously
a ''coup  mont'' from the police and Aristide's supporters (
with ''Gros  Lobo'' help). May I ask why?

You also reported that U.S Rep  Maxine Waters said she believed
that ''this celebration sends a  message around the world about the
will of oppressed people to  fight for your freedom''. Indeed, she
right,  except that the message came from the streets on Delmas,
and Bois Verna and not in front of the  Palace!

Today, a priest, P re Massacre, close to Aristide,  called for a
shed on the air and threatened  the civil society and the opposition
calling to end the crisis  by eradicating the opposition! How come
haven't mention it yet in an article? You didn't hear that  message ?

As a professional journalist and also a Haitian  who has accompanied
my people through it's suffering for years,  often putting my life at
stake, I'm asking you to be kind  enough to call me as soon as you
on my cell  number 558-2795 so we can meet and I can arrange also for
you  to meet with all journalists, journalists associations and the
Association of National Medias so you can get the accurate
information you obviously  lack and, therefore, to be able  to help
the Haitians in an unprecedented fight in 200 years:  their growing
will to come together, all classes division  apart, to finally create
a Nation. This goes beyond the fight  against Aristide ...and
obviously you're missing THE most  important point.

Thank you,

Nancy  Roc
Independent Journalist
Recipient of the Jean  Dominique Price for Freedom of the Press by
UNESCO (2002) , of  the Best Journalist of the Year Award from the
Rotary Club of  Port-au-Prince (1999), of Honor and Merit Award from
The  Haitian Press Center (2002),of the Radio Award of the Year for
her defense of press freedom from Free Lance international  Press,
Italy, Europe (2003)


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