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17892: anonymous: Prime Minister Yvon Neptune's Message, "in communion with the Chief of State" (fwd)


In last days "Le Nouvelliste",
two central pages signed by Prime Minister Yvon Neptune, right page in Kreyol, left page in French
French version aired at least on Radio Metropole as a paid advertising; did not manage to catch the kreyol version aired on  Radio Ginen or Timoun or else but suppose it is aired the same... Did anyone hear it? :

(original versions follow; private English translation)

Government message
in communion with the Chief of State
for the New Year

Brothers and Sisters in the common fatherland,
Haiti our mother went through many sufferings and humiliations
In order she could offer her children better conditions of life.

One year passed, a new one is coming,
Haiti, our mother, begs today her daughters and son's support
In order she can continue giving them life with dignity.

Remember the causes and the place of Toussaint Louverture's death,
Lets remember Vertieres,
Where, by the force union provides,
Our ancestors had victory upon the colons;
Slavery disappeared, freedom wins!

Haiti, our mother,
Colons had your name changed.
Despite three centuries of violence,
You remained unbeaten and proud.

Like all other Peoples, we have a flag,
It is our duty to respect it,
In order other countries do respect it as well.

Haiti, our mother,
1804 was your celebration,
You, first Republic of Africa-Guinea's children,
Star of the Liberty that shines all over the Earth.
Bicentennial of Toussaint's death, it is your celebration.
Bicentennial of Vertieres, it is also your celebration.

Haiti, our mother, 2004 is your bicentennial;
We are your children, daughters and sons of the same country,
Under the same two-colors national flag,
Symbol of fraternity and unity.

Haiti, our mother,
In the name of our ancestors and for the advancement of your children,
Help us in the celebration of your bicentennial
In the warm unity of your love;
Sources of life, of security, of peace.

               Yvon NEPTUNE
               Prime Minister