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17894: Du Tuyau: Letter but I no can find publishment (fwd)

From: ViandeMoulue@aol.com

Dear Mister, Missers, and all Journalists

I writing letter for you today. You see, I no write news, but I read news all of them. I so mad today because ... because you no put my name on list of manifestations-demonstrations people fighting in the streets of Petionville, Lalue, Bois-Verna, Cabaret, Cite Soleil, Anba Ravine, Kwa Bossal, T Nan Dlo, Jamais Vu, to get Lavalas in bwat-fatra-garbage-bin.

Look, mister journalist, I always fighting for the right of people Haitian and I on the streets fighting 24/7, every day of the hour and minute and second. I no see my name there. Why? Why why why??? Moun fou oh oh oh oh!! Oh-oh!!! What's going on? You no see me?

Now today, we have battle in Haiti. We have battle no over demonstability of people in demonstration, but how many people on each side demonstration, and who paid who. 100,000 people for 184? Oh oh, Lavalas people say no, because they say they had 100,000 people too, when we know they had 3,000 people they paid 100 gourdes (US $2.50) each people to manifestation-demonstration. And then they say Haiti embargo! Mezanmi!! Lavalas mechan-mean people!!!

We have more people also for demonstrations, journalists have to see more. Lavalas say lie like, you know ... they say we promise some students to have Visa for foreign country. No American Express but beautiful stamp to go in country foreign but no in boat. That truth is not so true at all. They fight for conscience and this is the truth. Except maybe, their conscience is still wwt, you know, inexperiencing.

Okay, okay, okay. You no belief for me? No problemo-problema. I show you copy of check Lavalas pay for chimeres. I send check in the mail for you to see. Please send for me your address at your house or office newspaper. I send you copy of each check Lavalas pay to these chimeres people. Now, they no can show me Visa stamp on passports, can they?

If you wanting, please call for me on my alimt telefn. Make sure the thread is long for you and me only to hearing speaking.

Much appreciativeness,
Jean Du Tuyau,
Recipient of receiving prices: prize for moun fou from the ILH (Institute of Losing the Head), Fairbanque, Alaskrra; 1948 for the year.