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17896: Severe: Magloire question 17877: Uttley: What I meant to write (fwd)

From: Constantin Severe <csevere@hotmail.com>

        Before I ask my question, I have to apologize for delving the group
into the realm of urban legand,  rumor, and suppossition but this has been
bugging me for 20 years. Did Magloire ever own property in Miami?
       When I was a kid growing up in Miami there was this apartment block
on N.W. 103 Street between 12th and 17th Avenue on the way to Ti Marche that
people always said belonged to the former Haitian President Magloire.  I
always found it hard to believe because the place seems cursed, there is a
lake behind it and children drown regularly in it. It has also gone through
at least two cycles of being abandoned, fixed up, becoming rundown, and
being abandoned once again.
       Whether Magloire owned or not, that apartment block always served as
good metaphor for the Haiti that my parents knew in the 40's and 50's and
what it had become by the 80's into today. Someplace once magical but whose
best days had already passed. I know there is a certain Haitian middle class
bias in the previous sentence but we are what we are.


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