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17912: RAy: Haitian Rehab Experts in Chicago? (fwd)

From: Matt Ray <mray@novell.com>


Dr. Ricardo Knight is putting together a Rehab Team for Healing Hands
for Haiti Foundation based out of Chicago and the Rehabilitation
Institute of Chicago.   He was hoping to network with Haitian
professionals in the Chicago area.   Are there any Haitian
Professionals, medical or otherwise, in the Chicago area?   If so,
please contact us so we can put Dr. Knight in touch with them concerning
the upcoming medical mission.   As always, we typically look for people
in the field of physical rehab for our teams, such as:

Physical and Occupational Therapists
Doctors (prefer physical rehab, but others with an interest in going
are welcome as well)

If anybody knows of these professionals or others, please let us know.
  Also, if you're interested in going on one of our medical missions
this year, let me know.  In addition to this group from Chicago, we have
several teams going this year from Wisconsin, Minnesota, California,
Massachusetts, Oregon, and Utah.  If you'd be interested in going and
making a difference for the handicapped of Haiti please don't hesitate
to contact us.

Mesi davans!


Matt Ray
Volunteer Webmaster & Translator
Healing Hands for Haiti Foundation, Inc.
4212 Danube Court, Bakersfield CA 93308
661.588.4400 - phone
801.516.0168 - efax