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17927: Manning: RE: 17919: Lyall on St. Marc Hilltop Fort -- Corbett adds (fwd)

From: VenusKarly Manning <venuskarly@hotmail.com>

>From R. Lewis

So one can assume that the fort was built by the French, therefore, it would
be possible to find information about it in French documents on Haiti.   My
cousin said that we could take the trip up the mountain but it would have to
be 4am before the sun rose. Prestige sounds good but nothing beats a cold
King Cola.   Thanks again.

P.S. Has anyone ever stopped at the gas station in Murre, ( not sure of the
spelling) on the road to St. Marc beach town, there was a big ships anchor.
The anchor was really rusted, doesn't anyone know anything about it.

Finally, last question my Mother said as a child in St. Marc there was a
horse's head statue.  Does anyone remember hearing about it, and its
whereabouts today.   Like many things it is a part of Haitian history.

Thanks again.

P.P.S. As Bob said politics is good to discuss but it is not the focus on
life.  Every day people like life is multifaceted and many sided.