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17946: Du Tuyau: I bye-bye (fwd)

From: ViandeMoulue@aol.com

Hello, folks. I losing my job. I fired today right now. So for very fortunately for many people, and little bit unfortunately for some many people too, I say bye-bye.

I just simply feeling nostalgia from the restaurant and cooking my salads in peacefull-ness, wash dishes and hot pots, with my hands greasy I leaking good food. Oh so, very, very, good. Try it sometimes.

But, gotta go. One girlfriend dumping for me, two girlfriends dumping more for me because I no have time enough for good cooking in the dishes, and the pots:) I like my food more than writing no English good. So in the therefore-ness of conclusiatory conclusion, I go far away, in the moon of Victoria, looking for the ultimate Secrets of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Haiti is still in my stomach, and my emptiness of head, and my broken heartedness because all girls dumping for me now. But I love LOVE and so, for no losing my lovely VS's, I say Haiti, I talk on you different places by cooking more better salad.

Bye-bye, folks. It has and had and really had been fun. Now, back to the kitchen. Lots of food is waiting for Victor to deliver his Secrets recipes.

Du Tuyau crying loud, like a baby in pampers of loveliness.