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17955: Jonusaitis: Re: 17938: Reid: Haiti rewarded with control over own internet domain

From: Barbara Jonusaitis <barb@jonusaitis.cncdsl.com>

I asked my husband who is a professional in this area for a response to
Register article. Here is his response.

Here's some background on ICANN:


This is about as non-evil an organization that you would ever find. The
Register is great at doing important things like bashing Microsoft and
other greedy monopolies, but this is overreaching.

One important thing that ICANN is doing is keeping control of the internet
out of the hands of the ITU (International Telecommunications Union),
which is an international consortium of national telephone monopolies.

Many national phone companies are called PTTs (Postal, Telephone and
Telegraph). Imagine if the US Post Office decided in the 19th century that
they should run the telegraph system, then later the phone system. Thats
the history of most of the members of the ITU. If you want the Internet to
be run as efficiently as the Post Office, or as have it be as good,
reliable and flexible as the Haitian phone system, then these ITU bozos
should be in charge.