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17958: De Wind: - Michel Lamartiniere Honorat Jr. jailed in Haiti

From: Kimberly De Wind <kim.dewind@iinet.net.au>

PLEASE NOTE: The below mentioned article was sourced directly from the
brother of Michel L. Honorat Jr.'s, Stanley Honorat in a quick
conversation i
had with him yesterday. I have briefly used the facts presented to me and
constructed a simple article on this case earlier today on his behalf.


PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti -- Haiti's recent bicentennial celebrations have
little desired for those in continual search of their democratic rights
of their liberty.

While thousands of Haitians and non-Haitians celebrated this milestone
benchmark in Haitian history, there were little celebrations for some.

he arrest of prominent Haitian Michel L. Honorat Jr., along with Frank
Louba, Rene Balmir and Maxo St Fluer on January 1st, 2004 at 3:15pm on
Verna leaves a large question mark hanging over the already tainted and
controversial police force and Lavalas Government.

The original charge against Honorat Jr. was possession of illegal weapons.
This was later increased to include; disturbing the peace, burning a
car and the shooting of diplomats.

Police found one glock 45 caliber in Honorat Jr.'s Toyota pickup which was
later confirmed as being a fully licensed and registered weapon.

All four men were initially taken to the palace and tortured. Balmir with
broken ribs, while Louba and Honorat Jr. endured cuts and bruises.

While Louba and Balmir were released last week, Honorat Jr. and St Fluer
still being held in custody with no evidence to prove their involvement in
the additional charges.

This is an example of human rights violations and of political arrests in
Haiti. Freedom of liberty and of one's democratic rights therefore will
continue to go unrecognised.