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17959: (Arthur) Euro MPs - all parties must respect human rights and organise elections (fwd)

From: Tttnhm@aol.com

Joint motion for a resolution on Haiti - European Parliament

Debate :15.01.2004
Vote : 15.01.2004

The House adopted a joint resolution on the situation in Haiti with 74 votes
in favour. MEPs condemn the violence and the political assassinations from
which Haiti has been suffering for years, and calls on all parties to respect
human rights. Parliament also calls on the Haitian Government, the opposition and
civil society to work to pave the way for legislative elections. MEPs
recommend the appointment of mediators by the UN in the interests of a sustainable
political agreement.

The House also deplores the failure of the police and judiciary to confront
the ruling party activists responsible for political violence. MEPs call on all
specialist international agencies to step up their fight against drug
trafficking via Haiti. On the other hand, MEPs call for the establishment of
co-operation, in particular in the field of education and health, as soon as the
conditions of the Cotonou Agreement have been fulfilled.

(MEP = member of the European Parliament)


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