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17961: anonymous: overheard conversation (fwd)

 caught "live" right now, hum, that is now 15 minutes ago, time for me to
 translate as accurately as possible.

Anonymous please.

An office, Port-au-Prince downtown, Friday, January 17th 2004 - 3PM
 In the building of a pro-Aristide business, a Security Guard, a cleaning
 man and a messenger are talking... The three of them share some of the
 lowest salaries you can find in town...

 Security guard: Solution is to have elections...
 Cleaning Man: Not at all... See how Aristide managed to have fraudulent
 elections [magouy] when he was not president, imagin what he will
 organise now he has full power... No ! elections mean nothing...
 Messenger: But things have to change... This is not a country ! Chimeres
 are governing [sa se pa yon peyi, se chime kap gouvene]... Chimeres do
 what they want... they comme and slap you in the face, and you cannot say
 anything... Yes, this is a shame!