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17969: Laleau: Re: 17950: Burnham: RE: 17943

From: NLaleau@aol.com

Dear Thor--the benefit of their "labor" is more that the foreigners learn
Haiti. Certainly there are more and better equipped Haitians to do the
The same held true of many OAS/UN functions. we were supposed to lecture
Haitians on human rights. That was a joke, and I usually started group
discussions instead of lecturing when I was ordered to do a talk. Most of
spoke only rudimentary Creole or French at best and had limited knowledge
the sufferings of the people. Haitian human rights workers could have been
hired for this at a fraction of our  US$6000/month wages (OAS). How many
Haitian HR promoters could have been hired to give a more competent 2-hour
presentation with some of that money? And yes, I did speak up  at the time
my director about it.  --nancy laleau