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17973: Bickley: Meteorite crater at La Navidad? (fwd)

From: Bickleyfrm@aol.com


I found what I think is a metorite crater at a very large ancient fort and
castle complex about three miles south of the coast (bay ) just east of
Carracol, Haiti.  This site is near the south west corner of the Dolphin Plantation.
The supposed crater is where two wells were dug to supply water to the
castle/fort there. A spring now flows from one of the wells.  The ruins are ancient. I
am a geologist, and I found what I believe is a fragment of the meteorite
that made the supposed crater.  My question is this:

I seem to recall that Columbus saw a metorite when he was looking for a
place to place the fort called La Navidad.  This was mentioned I think in a
1992 TV program about Columbus.  I can't find a reference that will varify my
poor memory. I would like to place this question in your mailing list to see if
anyone has a response.


J. Pool