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17979: Brief response by Ezili Danto to Johndanies erroneous "news" dessiminatedd (fwd)

From: Erzilidanto@aol.com

In a message dated 1/17/04 12:26:52 AM, Johndanies writes:

<< a day that will go in infamy in the history of the Haitian people

Fri Jan 16,11:58 AM ET

Mourners of Maxime Deselmour, 33, take cover behind his coffin as Haitian
police fire warning shots in the air in front of the presidential palace in
Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Friday, Jan. 16, 2004. Firing warning shots and tear gas,
police stopped mourners on Friday from approaching the presidential palace with
the coffin of the recent college graduate shot to death during a demonstration
against President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. (AP Photo/Walter Astrada)  >>

But, Erzilidanto, the receipt of the above-noted Walter Astrada report being
dessiminated on the internet by Johndanies, responds, as follows:

A contrary news report and information shows that the "Opposition" USED the
cadaver of Maxime Deselnour as a shield to conduct an illegal demonstration
(without a demonstration license) and get close to the National Palace perhaps in
hopes of pushing their way into a violent Coup D'etat.

In particular, according to a contrary news information than the above being
disseminate on the internet by Mr. Jean Craft Danies (Johndanies@aol.com), it
is also being reported that: "When the opposition asked the Haitian Red Cross
to intervene on their behalf to help them get their march through Carrefour
underway through Carrefour with the coffin, it was finally learned that the
coffin had been kidnapped by the opposition after the church funeral service that
morning and that the family of the deceased was pursuing the coffin all day.
Finally the Red Cross spoke with the family and the coffin was put into the
Red Cross vehicle with the objective of getting the coffin to the cemetery in

In addition, the above-noted and circulated AP Photo/Walter Astrada "news
information" being disseminated on the internet by Mr. Jean Craft Danies
(Johndanies@aol.com to Erzilidanto) indicates that, the deceased, Maxime Deselnour was
a "recent college graduate."

Yet, other, more reliable news information indicates that "The deceased,
Maxime Desalnour, who is being referred to as a student, actually graduated from
the university in 93-94 according to a Haitian press service." Thus, contrary
to the "news" being used and quoted on the internet by the European
Union/France/US/IRI/USAID-financed SPECIAL INTERESTS group usually referred to by the
media as, the "the Opposition" said deceased, Maxime Desalnour, was NOT a student
as being propagated by "the Opposition" and the AP Photo/Walter Astrada
noted-above in the paragraph currently being disseminated on the internet by Mr.
Jean Craft Danies (Johndanies@aol.com).   Said  Jean Craft Danies comments in
exaggerated outrage: "a day that will go in infamy in the history of the Haitian
people" purposely disregarding that the cadaver of Mr. Maxime Desalnour may
have been used, by the demonstrators, for political purposes which the victims
own family did not agree to. Also purposely disregarding that the Nation's
police shot in the air to disperse the illegal marchers who had kidnap  the
coffin from the family's funeral.

Ezili Danto