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17977: Rowley: Re: 17957: Corbett replies to Burnham on visitor's work in Haiti (fwd)

From: Don Rowley <don_rowley@yahoo.com>

I for one have to agree with Bob on this. I present
Hope Internationals Mission in Haiti to 4 to 6 small
to medium size churches each month and the result is
usually 8 to 15 new child sponsors and one or two
"business partners" (the later supports us
administratively where the prior actually feeds and
educates) However one week in Haiti with 10 people,
over time, will produce 50-75 child sponsors and 5-10
"business partners". The reason for this I think is
explained but my own experience.

Before going to Haiti for the first time I would tell
friends and family who were involved in international
projects, "we have too many poor people here that need
help to be bothered with other countries"
Then I went to my first third world country, Haiti.
Our (U.S.) worst slums are opulent compared to citi
soliel. In the high rise projects of Baltimore they
have heat, air conditioning, stoves and plumbing.
Furthermore they have help. Social programs such as
welfare, Medicare, food stamps etc. are non-existent
in Haiti.

What I am saying is this...If I hadn't gone the first
time, I wouldn't be involved. I would have continued
in my ignorance. If only one out of every ten people
who traveled with me had a life change like I had I
would consider it worth the trip.

As for those who think we are holding up progress, our
teachers are teaching children that things can change
through education...that they can make a difference !
We work to instill confidence and independence, let
them know that they are important to us and to the
future our their country. How  can this hold back
Haiti's development ? I'd really like to know.

Bondye beni'w

Don Rowley, Associate Director

Hope International, Inc.


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