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17987: erzilidanto: Re: Another blatant error by John Danies Craft dessiminated on internet (fwd)

From: Erzilidanto@aol.com

In a message dated 1/17/04 3:37:47 PM, Johndanies writes:

<< I dont have time for lap dog >>

One et Respe la sosyete:

In reference to a statement Mr. Danies made that Aristide was not freely
elected, I reponded, UNTRUE. Mr. Johndanies gibberish response is that "I don't
have time for lap dog.."

On behalf of those of us Haitians truly concern about Haiti and the current
blatant misinformation about Haitians and Haiti all over the mainstream news
media, I hereby respond to Mr. Danies as follows:

The Haitian people freely elected Aristide. Yet, Mr. John Danies and his
other so-called "Haitian elite" and "intellectual" comrades just CANNOT get over
it! It's been four years since the "opposition" set up their unelected,
parallel government, primarily because they could not get the mass electorate to
elect them, just as they now refuse to go to parliamentary elections. They still
want the good old days of impunity and rule by force to come back.......and are
working hard at spinning events, manufacturing news of the Haitian police
abuses and their victimization.  ALL because the Haitian people have ignored
their parallel government for four years and acknowledged Aristide as the sole and
legitimate President of Haiti. They CANNOT get over that! Yet they keep
telling all in asundry they are INTELLECTUALS and THE ELITE creme de la creme of
Haitian society!!!!

Such delusions borders on the insane.

I challenge ANY of these so-called elites to step up to a LOGICAL debate with
this here mere daughter of two Haitian peasants who never pretended to be
anyone's superior.  Come on, Mr. Danies, you say I am a lapdog for Aristide
because I find your naked lies retching and criminal. Well bring it on.... if you
can.  I've defended Haitian rights all my professional life and with the tools
of an education, not lies, not cadavers stolen at funerals, not violence. Can
you step up to that???

In my peasant opinion, Mr. John Danies and his elite and intellectual ilk,
(and I use the words "elite" and "intellectuals" with much reservation since
there is NO intelligence in simply destroying and obstructing and never creating
a darn thing of consequence for the Haitian public they sooo want to RULE); i
n my humble opinion Mr. John Danies, who calls me a "lap dog for Aristide" and
who and his ilk have reduced an entire nation to simply "Black hooligans,"
un-educated "chimeres" - as if name-calling is a very elite and intellectual
endeavor, said Mr. John Danies and his "elite" and "intellectual" ilk will use
ANYTHING, including the dead body of a Haitian victim of our intestine Haitian
fratricide to try and illicit a damming response and/or MORE violence from the
government police officers so to manufacture MORE negative images to the world
about Haitians and incite International sympathies to their losing and
immoral cause and perhaps a foreign invasion to "restore order." Clearly, the
purveyors of this radically reactionary but common agenda can't and won't, in this
day and age, find ANY legitimate road to becoming Haiti's rulers. So, we see
them rolling out these desperate strategies. Children in school are used,
cadavers are stolen from mourning families, Haitian roads that the ti machan and
public must traverse are blocked by burning tires, steel blockades and
nails....all this chaos and stoppage done by this
unelected-parallel-government-and-so-called-Haitian-elites-and-intellectuals in an effort to STOP the ordinary,
unpretentious Haitian, from living in Haiti and in abroad IN PEACE. All this
because this so-called intellectual-and-elite class cannot go to elections for they
won't win.

All this because this special interests group -the "Opposition" - is impotent
in Haiti (as currently, if not grudgingly being reported even by their
foreign press cohorts.) All this because the financing this impotent and discredited
"Opposition" has received, that is, the over 3 million from USAID in 2003 and
almost one million from France  and the European Union - which foreign
institutions all have an embargo on the rest of the Haitian people, but all this did
not get them the Coup d'etat they were HIRED or supported to bring about by
January 1, 2004.  All this violence and directionless rage because Mr. Danies'
impotent and discredited parallel government and its leaders' huffing and
puffing and ultimatums and boycotts have gained them ONLY the disdain of decent
people worldwide. All this because the Haitian people say NO to violence, No to
shadow or parallel (unelected) governments in Haiti, NO to coup d'etat, No to
Aristide stepping down before his term is over. All this because Mr. Danies
and his ilk cannot live with the consequences of democracy - that is - a person
you do not like may win in a free election process....

All these terrorist acts are mounting against the mass Haitian electorate
because this special interest groups, called the "Opposition," in Haiti, (which
was created in the laboratories of the IRI, USAID and supported by foreign
governments and the foreign press) LACK the political, educational and social
MATURITY to put aside their political frustrations and ambitions for the common
good of Haiti and for the institutionalization of the rule of law and
development of a Haitian justice apparatus and a Haitian domestic economy.

Come with it Mr. John Danies. Can you back-up your lies in an open, public
debate where ALL Haitians can judge for themselves? Bring it on. I am ready. But
stop hiding behind the skirts of the international community and foreign
press and manufactured news. For, tone kraze-m, we Haitians of the Diaspora will
not allow our brothers and sisters in Haiti to die in vain, nor our students to
be used by demagogues like you. The peasant Haitian and unskilled Haitian
person, who put their lives on the line everyday to try and develop Haiti will
NOT be turned back to isolation and marronage by ANYONE. Haiti's historic
isolation is OVER. There are three million of us Haitians outside of Haiti. Your
traditional lies about the Haitian populist, telling of their innate backwardness
and their inability to learn and live in peace together is OVER. NOU LA. And
we won't let your ilk, no matter what powerful support you've got on the
outside due to racism and colonialism, turn US around. And since it's almost Martin
Luther King day, let me call on his spirit and say: WE SHALL OVERCOME. You
can take that and CASH IT brother-mines!

NO MORE IMPUNITY: In fact, today's Haitian will not allow impunity for those
who murder or cause the death of our people to get off scott free. And
certainly there shall be no more impunity for those who lie about us, for those who
want to rule us without responsibility or accountability for our human rights.
We will NOT stand by and let you or anyone else lie about our very humanity as
a people.  In point of fact, neither the traditional "elite" and
"intellectuals" nor this duly elected Haitian government will be allowed to shed Haitian
blood or trample on our God given human and civil rights with impunity. Period,
no comma.

Furthermore, Mr. Danies Craft, you say I am "a lap dog" for the duly elected
constitutional government of  Haiti because I've pointed out the lies you are
disseminating on the internet and supported said corrections with
incontrovertible evidence. What? You think your infantile name-calling intimidates me? Get
a grip. I don't respond to name calling. But allow me to respond objectively
and with logic, souple Mr. Danies Craft and to remind you, that the economic
and institutional stability of our country in Haiti takes precedence over YOUR
personal point of view, ideology, party affiliation, political frustrations
and unbridled ambitions.  Peace out. And, go catch a clue.

Ezili Danto
Li led li la