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From: Matt Ray <mray@novell.com>

We invite any and all to to come with us.    Last year my team consisted
of 2 Occupational Therapists, 2 Physical Therapists, 2 Nurses, a
Prosthetist, a Translator (me), a Physiatrist (rehab doctor) and then 5
"support staff" who were teachers, housewives and real estate agents.
While the skilled rehab work is performed by those in that field, the
others help out with everything, from filing and inventory to helping at
the orphanages and also helping with the physical therapy.    So, to
answer your question, if anybody wants to come with us, we'll take them.
  Let me know who you'd like to go.     I personally have a trip planned
for October from Bakersfield.    I've already got a Physician's
Assistant going with me from Oregon and would welcome others from other
areas.   But, as I said in my last email, we also have teams going every
month through August from all over the country.

Thanks for the interest.


Matt Ray
Volunteer Webmaster & Translator
Healing Hands for Haiti Foundation, Inc.
661.588.4400 - phone