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18038: Raber: Re: 18013: Lauredansr: Re: 18003: (Arthur) Haitian Times editorial (fwd)

From: P&M Raber <raber@valkyrie.net>

": Lauredansr@aol.com writes"
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 I agree with the article.
> Haiti is the path of democracy and that should continue.
> Haiti has seen many coups and cannot afford nothing else than a
> democratically
> elected government.
> Haiti needs a new way of thinking, and perhaps a new generation of clean
> professional administrators, a development team instead of
politicians..Too much politics/"

One question:  the Haitian people are taking to the streets and airwaves
asking that Aristide, a democratically elected president, resigns.  When
Richard Nixon, a democratically elected president,  resigned under pressure,
was that considered a coup?

 It would be best if Aristide could start being a good leader but it seems
that he is reacting the same way that he did in 1991.  The man was already
given a second chance.  The biggest red flag is not that he did not do much
(there was not much money), but it is where has put his priorities.  his
priorities show his character.  If you had nothing and 100 dollars came your
way, would you go buy jewelry would you get groceries for your family and
seeds for your field?  The worst is when he chastizes the chimeres but yet
justifies their behavior as the action of the oppressed people.  Well he
hasn't been out in the country side of Haiti to see the oppressed lately it
seems.  The real oppressed are just trying to survive, not trying to kill,
steal and rape.  I am sure that if he stood up tomorrow in front of the
entire world and declared his intentions to be responsible, to crack down on
thugs, and also declared his intention to retire his family from politics by
the end of his term, the Haitian people would be willing to make a deal and
the foreign aid would start flowing.  He would do more in his last 2 years
than was done by Lavalas since 1991.  He would surely go down in history.
>From what I have read, the reason he had rejected the church's proposal (the
one he now wants to accept) was that he wanted a clause in it that allowed
him to run again at a later date.